Photo by James Stevenson, Skydive Hibaldstow

4 Simple Steps

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2) Become a member

Joining the club is quick and easy! Once you've bought your £30 membership from YUSU you can get unlimited access to all our great subsidies on offer! This includes cheaper jump tickets, nights in the bunkhouse and money off travel in your groundschool.

3) Sign up to a course and let us know if you're interested

Checkout the courses page here to see what's best for you and read the FAQ. Drop us an email at to express interest and we'll help sign you up so you can get jumping as soon as possible! For all groundschools we are now requesting a £70 deposit to be paid in advance.

4) Keep coming back!

Both courses lead you towards your Skydiving 'A' licence. This means you can skydive completely solo without the guidance of an instructor anywhere in the world! Learning doesn't end here with plenty of disciplines to get into such as formation skydiving with your friends or progressing towards your B licence. If you haven't already, join the facebook group and keep an eye out on the trip board. This is the place where you'll find out about the latest event or socials during the academic year and meet like minded people wanting to travel down to Hib.