University of York Skydiving Club

Welcome to University of York Skydiving Club!

Skydiving is the highest adrenaline sport on offer here at York, and it's certainly not the kind of thing that you only want to do once! We offer a fun and friendly club that will help any student interested in all facets of the sport, introducing students to the great and incredibly inclusive community of people all united by their love of skydiving. Each weekend we organise transport to the local dropzone, so members can become fully qualified skydivers in no time. From this point on, the sky is literally the limit!

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Do something amazing...

...this weekend! UYSC are running groundschools throughout the 2016/17 academic year on demand! You can find out more about the different courses offered and how to sign up on the courses page here!

Jumping this weekend?

Add yourself to our very own trip board and assign yourself to an available car or add your own! Let us know when you last jumped and refreshed and we'll book an instructor and accommodation!

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UYSC goes to Skydive Spain Algarve!

Come join us in Skydive Algarve at Easter; an amazing chance to jump in the sun, develop your skills further, and have an unforgettable week.

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Where do I get a hoody?!

Promote the club and keep warm on the climb to altitude with our very own personalised MERCH!

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Come along to one our socials and meet new faces and fellow members! Socials are held every two weeks during term time so keep an eye on our facebook page for events and more info!

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