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All our organised groundschools will be taking place at Skydive Hibaldstow in North Lincolnshire over the entire weekend. The Category systems course and membership includes the groundschool, your first two jumps, two nights in the bunkhouse and travel to the dropzone! bargain!

We currently offer two solo courses: Category Systems (Static Line) or Accelerated Freefall (AFF). Each course differs in price and progression but ultimately end up with the same BPA 'A' Licence and skills learnt.

The groundschool consists of approximately 6 hours plus training in the classroom. Your instructor will take you through everything you will need to know, including all of the emergency procedures and a comprehensive guide to all of your equipment. They will take you through the ‘routine’ that you will be required to do for your first jump, practising in mocked up versions of the aircraft’s exit. You will work on perfecting your body position and your landing pattern, and you will be given a complete tour of the airfield.

Depending on which course you choose will make the first jump differ significantly. Please read each of the following course descriptions before deciding which is for you:

Your first jump will be from 4,000ft and your parachute will be attached to the plane by a long rope (static line) meaning as you leave the plane it will be opened automatically under tension. All you have to do is make a good positive exit from the plane and then fly your canopy safely back down to the landing area. After completing 2 successful exits you can then progress through the course and on to freefall, jumping from higher and higher altitudes until you're diving out the plane from 15,000ft and doing cool stuff like backflips and 360's!

  • Category 1: Groundschool
  • Category 2: Static line jump
  • Category 3: Dummy ripcord pulls
  • Category 4: First freefall
  • Category 5: 10s Freefall
  • Category 6: Terminal Velocity - 15s Freefall with use of Altimeter
  • Category 7: 360 Degree Turns
  • Category 8: Unstable exit, dive exit, back loops and tracking

Save £7 per jump!

Category Systems pricing:
Groundschool, first two jumps and two nights in bunkhouse: £170
Category Systems jump ticket: £39

This course is an alternative way to achieve the same solo skydiving A License and can give you the thrill of freefall from your very first jump. You will be taken straight up to the giddy heights of 15,000ft and will exit from the plane solo with 2 instructors holding on to you to guide you in freefall. You will receive in-air feedback to correct your body position and then, at the right altitude, you will then deploy your own parachute.

To complete this course you will need to pass 8 Levels of skydives completing the same skills as the Category Systems course e.g. backflips and turns and then 10 consolidation jumps where you practice your skills.

  • Level 1: First jump with two instructors
  • Level 2: Second jump with two instructors
  • Level 3: The two instructors let go and you maintain a stable position and heading
  • Level 4: Small turns (drops down to one instructor)
  • Level 5: 360 turns
  • Level 6: Unlinked exit, back loops and tracking
  • Level 7: Complete Unlinked exit, back loop, 360 turns in both directions and tracking
  • Level 8: Hop 'n' Pop from 5,000ft
  • Consolidation jumps (x10): Practice all your skills solo

The cost for this course is significantly higher due to the extra skills needed by the instructors and because you are starting at a higher altitude. The total cost for all 8 levels and 10 consolidation jumps is £1650. While you could pass each level of the category systems course first time for less than £1000, the category systems course is considered more difficult early on and some members have swapped to AFF mid-course. If you have the money and you know skydiving is definitely for you, it's definitely worth the extra cash if you want fast progression.

Training weekends for this course will be run on demand so if you like the sound of it then please contact us!

Accelerated Freefall (AFF):
AFF Level 1 (with groundschool) £305
AFF Level 2-4 £510
AFF Level 5-8 £464
Consolidation jump £33
Level repeats:
AFF Level 1-3 Repeat £155
AFF Level 4-7 Repeat £100

Tandem parachuting allows you to experience the thrill of freefall skydiving without any extensive training and is a great way to venture into the sport or raise some money for charity!

After a short 20 minutes tandem briefing, you will jump harnessed to the front of a fully qualified parachuting instructor from 15,000ft. From this height, you will enjoy one whole adrenaline-fuelled minute of freefall reaching terminal velocity at 120mph for a total of £200!

if you're interested, then please book through Skydive Hibaldstow directly!

Tandem jump £200
+ Camera TBC
Tandem conversion from Category Systems £130
Tandem conversion from Accelerated Freefall £185

Don't fancy jumping out of a plane? Want a cheaper experience? why not experience the thrill of freefall in the safety of an indoor wind tunnel! We run trips to the tunnel in Manchester throughout the year from as little as £30. If you're interested, then please email us directly!

If you're still unsure which is for you, take a look at this comparison video to get a better idea and read the FAQ:

Post 'A' License:

Formation Skydiving

After completing either the Category Systems or AFF solo courses you will be a fully qualified solo skydiver! This means that you can safely skydive anywhere in the world! However, doing a lot of solo skydives can become a bit boring (believe it or not!) and so most students then progress onto doing the Formation Skydiving Grade 1 course. This is a series of around 10 jumps where you will skydive with a highly qualified coach who will teach you skills on how to move around the sky relative to other people i.e. forwards/backwards, side-to-side and many more. After successfully demonstrating the skills you will complete a 3-way and 4-way skydive and then will be awarded your Formation Skydiving Grade 1. From here the sky is the limit and you can jump with anyone else with this qualification, including most of the committee! This is the ultimate achievement as it means you can skydive with all your friends and then can even enter national competitions!

Experienced members:
Jump ticket £18
FS coaching £40
FS coaching with kit hire £50
Jump ticket with kit hire £30