Photo by Joe Mann, Skydive Hibaldstow

Want to go to hib this weekend or on a future event? Let everyone know and sign up for transport using our very own trip organiser! Here you can find out who is planning on heading to hib, when they're leaving and how they're getting there!

Are you currently a student?
Let us know when you last refreshed, jumped and what your next jump type is and well book instructors and let them know you're coming!

Got free space in your car?
let us know here when you fill out the form and people can assign themselves to a seat!

let us know and we won't book you a bunk!

Please note:
- Students need to be ready to refresh at 8am, if you miss the refresh - you probably won't jump!
- Please register before Thursday 1pm and enter your student details to the form so we can book on your behalf
- If you need to refresh on the same day as you're leaving York, please reflect this in your leaving time
- Please contribute any petrol money towards drivers if you're getting a lift
- If you wish to stay in the bunkhouse, you need to pay over the phone in advance: 01652 648837

Fill out the form below and get involved!

Weekend trip 23rd Feb/25th Feb

Another weekend, another trip.

Please let us know by Wednesday by signing up on here as we'll be contacting Hibaldstow to make bookings on Thursday morning. The bunk bookings need to be paid in advance, so please make your plans clear early and reflect whether you need a refresh on the same day as you're leaving York in your leaving time and call the office on 01652 648837. Once you arrive, don't forget to tell the office you're here for the refresh at 8am.

Currency requirements:
0-6 weeks normal refresh.
6 weeks - 3 months extended refresh (free)
3 - 6 months retrain (priced)
6 months + full groundschool

The next jump you complete when uncurrent is all at the discretion of the instructors. Skydiving is all about currency and developing muscle memory so if you want to progress, you want to be jumping every couple weeks.

If you change your plans after Thursday morning, you'll need to contact the hibaldstow office yourself.
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Hover over a name to find out when they registered and any additional student/driver info...

Driver: Passenger(s): Seats Free: Leaving York/Hib:
Bea Rix Becky Mitchell
Connor Sullivan
Katie Balmer
0 >> (06:00) Saturday 24th
Becky Mitchell
Connor Sullivan
Katie Balmer
0 << Sunday 25th
Leaving York via train:
Date: Time: Name(s):
Friday 23rd16:35Anna Lucas
Leaving Hib via train:
Date: Name(s):
Sunday 25thAnna Lucas
Refreshes needed:
Date: Students:
Saturday 24th3Becky Mitchell
Connor Sullivan
Katie Balmer
Sunday 25th3Becky Mitchell
Connor Sullivan
Katie Balmer
Accommodation needed:
Date: Beds:
Saturday 24th4Bea Rix
Becky Mitchell
Connor Sullivan
Katie Balmer
Date: Name(s):
Friday 23rdAnna Lucas
Saturday 24thAnna Lucas
If you're still down as interested by Thursday 1pm, we'll assume you're not coming. Re-enter your details to update your status!

Name: Leaving York/Hib: Submitted:

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